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my code says brython was not me fix it

10/3/2020 8:34:48 PM


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but this one work


Mirielle[ InAcTiVe ] ma is it the script type? ive add the"=" also this doesnt work


i did that early Abhay but it didnt work,and the code you shared have the same issue.brython not defined


Bilbo Baggins ,Abhay , Mirielle[ InAcTiVe ] ,pls help me edit the code and check if it will run then share the link here


pardon me where did you run the code Bilbo Baggins. because mine says brython is not defined.dont get angry pls


sir im stuff out with variables such as null,html e.t.c "undefined".couldnt work and precisely network is available here. it shows on console brython is not define Bilbo Baggins


Not angry, really! I run it on Android... I think your problem is Internet, maybe... Try this one (python code separated from HTML)


It's a tricky bug that needs attention, there's a missing "=" in the source attribute at line5.

+3 You need to add //</script><script type="text/python"> If you are using js file to write python or , <script type="text/python></script> when working in html


anshiude works fine for me ,


It works for me, just make sure there's no typo


anshiude, you need to make two changes to your code: (1) at your line 5: change the brython provider, and the way you invoke it (2) at your line 11: change how you are declaring the script Here it is:


Well, I think I already shared your edited code... what else do you need?


Really sorry! I cannot reproduce your problem, neither on Android (tested sololearn app) neither on Windows 10 (tested web interface)🤷


Lothar ,Lisdia 🇮🇩