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What is important to code in circuit computer?what is price of circuit computer??

9/15/2020 10:23:24 AM

Kapish M Kantharia ( available)

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Okay, some years ago I programmed microcontroller as a hobbyist. The devices were of the brand MICROCHIP. I had to build a programmer by myself because the available ones seemed too expensive for me. The programmer had to be connected to the parallel port of my desktop computer. I used the smallest reprogrammable 8-bit controllers (PIC 12F675). Today they cost €0.92 per piece at my dealer. I programmed these in assembly language. C would also be possible, but I had no suitable free(!) compiler. You should use Assembly language because this chip has only a memory of 1024 words of 14 bit (ROM), 64 Byte RAM and 128 Byte EEPROM and you have to code very economically because of limited space.


What do you mean with "circuit computer"? A) microcontroller B) network of operational amplifiers C) network of digital logic gates You could write it in your native language (Hindi). Then we could guess the sense by using Google Translate.


༒ᵛ ⁱ ⁿ ᵃ ʸ ᵃ ᵏ༒ If one wants a more basic design, then ATMEL's AVR ATTiny or ATMega could be an option. In principle the Arduino is an ATMega with a custom firmware and some peripherals attached, e.g. an USB-port. The advantage is that you don't need a separate programmer. The Arduino can be programmed in circuit. Disadvantage is: If you damage the firmware, then you could perhaps "brick" your Arduino.


Jan Markus you are an ocean of knowledge 😱😱 and the one of the most experienced person I have ever seen in my life though I have not lived much life..😅




What is a circuit computer


Kapish M Kantharia (Always Active) when you know the answer then why are you asking ? 😂


Jan Markus impressive!! Though he being an indian, Lemme handle this 😎😅 So, bruh, circuit computer== microcontroller board is my assumption of what you tryn to ask. (Donno what more meanings exist) Assembly language is a must if you wanna start microcontroller programming. There are many types of readymade boards available, like Arduino, ESP 32, etc. A Google search won't do any harm. You need to know: 1. Assembly language 2. C/ objective c/ cpp (depends on board, Arduino is good to go with c, likewise.) 3. Either python, or linux (if you know it's well n good. If you donno, learn it here!! ) Linux can be quite helpful if you doing raspi. Price: depends on your use. There are also other cheaper/ for educational purpose boards available, but their chipset is important. Start small, win big!! Start with basic boards available. Then go on for bigger n complex boards. If you get well versed, you also can build your own!!! Best solution: simply google it/ youtube it.


Jan Markus Thank you for the preciosus information 😄I also am looking forward to program an Arduino. Your suggestion will be of great help!!


In theoretical computer science, a circuit is a model of computation in which input values proceed through a sequence of gates, each of which computes a function. Circuits of this kind provide a generalization of Boolean circuits and a mathematical model for digital logic 


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