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Back To School Challenge[solved]

I'm in the BTS challenge and the first 2 days when I made an lesson it said me that I had the streak alive but now when I make the day lesson it don't say nothing. It is fine? I'm still in BTS?

9/14/2020 2:51:23 PM

Carmen Lucía

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Carmen Lucía If you joined BTS before, and if you forgot do in a day middle, count will reset and automatically starts again if you start again.. Your time zone may different with SoloLearn timezone. So Be sure to make it within 24hr time.. And the link will give you streak for joined members... If you don't get any steak or error, then mailto : [email protected] for the problem.. See here..


Today I made a lot of sessions and it don't says nothing 😧. The link didn't works to me 😓


Ok thank you


Check out streak from here...