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Java, C++, or HTML? please choose it

3/8/2017 3:03:29 AM

Cynthia Caroline

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If you want to become a web developer then start with HTML and learn CSS, Javascript. If you want to become a programmer then first learn C++ and then Java. 🙏 Like my answer if it is useful.


I like C++ for back end programming and Java for UI or web dev


That really depends on what you like to code. C++ is better suited for building infrastructure, where performance and complete control over every part of the code it key, Java is better suited for systems that need to communicate with other systems in a giant ecosystem, look at android, HTML is not a High level language like C++ of Java, so you can't really compare it with them. Having said that HTML is suited for front-end web design and is super easy to learn. If you went into a field where your dominate language is C++ you would likely never use HTML, the same can't be said about Java though.


java because it is easy


java or c++?


start with HTML it's a basic for all. And move step by step ..HTML,CSS,js,PHP,c++,Java and so on