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Why do I have to be a pro to try It Yourself?

Until recently,Try It Yourself is free. But Now you have to be a pro to try It Yourself. Why???

8/2/2020 12:46:45 AM


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소루러브 "try it yourself" is still free of cost, I think you are taking about "practice what you have learnt" part in python course. That is new thing added to sololearn in latest update which requires pro subscription of sololearn.


Princess Jessica Thank you


The pro is a paid part of this app,SOLOLEARN.


And 소루러브 pls you shouldn't give much attention to the "pro thing" 'Cause whether you are a pro or not you still able to learn


소루러브 yh As you can see, that's is the case And I have also experienced same.


You're welcome


Wasn't enought with ads. So they decided to do that. they take the fun :(


Yomoussa COULIBALY I can't understand what are you say 😰😰 Write me a translator please.


It is free, No pop up for me.. All course content are free for all. I think it's bug in version for some users.. Hope they will fix all...


En tout cas faut être pro


No you don't have to it's is free


Same problem, someone please help 🙏 https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/2506650/?ref=app


During the tutorial, the "try it your self" code does not work. In my case a pop up appears.