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[Solved] How could a blocked user upvote my post?

Out of curiosity, when a user upvoted my recent post, I noticed I had blocked that user πŸ™Š. I don't remember what the reason for blocking was 😊. That's not important anymore because I've unblocked the user ☺. But still are the blocked users suppose to see, yet upvote/downvote my content. This strange thing has happened to me for the second time now. This happened to me last year. One of my former followers was a challenge cheater. He created clone accounts for boosting his XP. He challenged me as well. It didn't take long for him to get busted. However he didn't get blocked. He apologized to moderators and they spared him. I was angry with him so I blocked the cheater. Nevertheless he was able upvote my content after getting blocked.

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Abhay Tomiwa Joseph Bohdan Please kindly see my first answer for Vitya. I couldn't put your names at my previous answer. Hope all are clear now :) DAC 🎯 πŸ¦‹ [Exams] don't worry about Vitya if that duck blocked you, your phone would not be "hanging" because of too much notifications :D Hi Vitya sure, my answer is valid! Even HonFu don't realise it... Old members like me have some advantage here :) [ And, thanks so much for giving this answer as the BEST, Vitya! ]


Hi Vitya HonFu I will answer your question by a real example from my experience. Many members had blocked me. They posted a comment in some codes of my friends and my friends responded the comments of those blockers. Of course, I couldn't see my friends' comments from their code sections. However, when I encountered my friends' timelines, I could see all my friends' replies. So when I entered my friends' replies from their timelines, I could also see my blockers' comments. Then I given them my upvotes, ie. for my friends and the blockers. If my friends didn't reply blockers, there was no way I could give the blockers my upvote. So, if we won't to get an upvote from our "enemies", we may tell to our friends, "Don't reply my comments! " :) Note: For blockers, I don't know why you blocked me, I am so sorry if I have done wrong to you. But if all members in SoloLearn blocked me, I think that will also be GOOD for me :)


Shaitaan You're welcome πŸŽ‰πŸ‘)) And, thanks a lot for your word! I don't know how to reply it with the better word than yours :) You're great also πŸ‘πŸ‘


Denise Roßberg the blocked member has said "Android" (not iOS and not a former follower but could give an upvote) But all are okay, there is nothing need to worry about :)



Aji ꦄꦗꦢ, that makes sense. The blocked person had commented my content before ☺.


You welcome, DAC 🎯 πŸ¦‹ [Exams] ☺!


HonFu, none of that happened.


Abhay, maybe, but it's very strange. So should one ask for a mutual blocking then? Doesn't really make sense.


That's a good idea Tomiwa Joseph πŸ‘!


Of course not, Bohdan πŸ˜„!


Denise Roßberg [PRO], I use Android. shubham kumar, problem solved. Thanks for concern.


Blocking is automatically mutual, so normally that should not happen. πŸ€” Unless the blocked person became moderator in the meantime. ;-)


Vitya Do you use iPhone or Android?


Vitya I think your former follower used iPhone. Sololearn is working on this issue.


Hm, tricky...


Hoping it ain't me...


They aren't supposed to, but the mods will answer this better. Tag the ones you know so they'll see this The user be showing your content love though β€οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Cool shhh


IzeBurg Thank you. No it has nothing to do with hacking. ;) It is just a bug in the iphone version.


Nawneet Kumar Singh, please write an answer only if it IS an actual answer - to the actual question. https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1316935/?ref=app