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[RESOLVED] Problem in notifications

Just before 5 minutes my all notification removed by themselves. There isn't a single notification showing there. As well as the group chats also removed themselves. I have signout and sign in again but it's the same. Is this happening for you all? Check the problem which is occurring here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/x3xv2z4si25b73z/Screenshot_20200724-134439.png?dl=0 So please help me!

7/24/2020 8:21:15 AM


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Sololearn fixed the issue. Restart your app & test again.


Same. Probably an update.


piyush singh Clear cache, force stop app. Then try again. If it does not load.


This has happened before with past updates but not like this. This is happening to everyone right now.


Just cleared the cache. All is going swimmingly.


This is happening to everyone. My bell says there are 11 new notifications but when i open it the No new notification text comes up


piyush singh I am having the same problem but the difference is that i did get the push notifications for this Q&A thread


Yes it’s fine for me




Same here 😟😕🙁 #Wewantbugfreesololearn


All you guys post the answers and I don't received the notifications too.


👑 Shewe Uchi K 👑 my app is updated just before an time.. so that's not be a reason


Rik Wittkopp but like why is this happening this thing is first time with me.. is this happened before too?


piyush singh There was a time about 12 months ago when the whole site crashed for a couple of days. Stuff happens, but don't stress. It isn't the end of the world & Sololearn will resolve as soon as feasible


MemeLord Dev push notifications would work fine


🔰 Justin 🔰 🎯 [ Exams 📚📓 ] piyush singh isnt even getting push notfications


MemeLord Dev is it possible that we can receive the notification after clearing the app data?


piyush singh I dont think so. since its happening with all of us. I think its an Server error.


MemeLord Dev no it's not with all. I talked to some of the users that sector is working for them?


MemeLord Dev how's this possible that it's working for some and not for some?