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do I really have to learn back-end programming?

I learned HTML & CSS, and now I am learning JavaScript.. I just need to store user's data & get it back, and doing basic operations on it.. do I really have to learn PHP & MySQL to just doing this?! isn't there any lesson or article from which I can learn this & that be enough for me?

7/18/2020 10:03:47 AM

Aymen Esam-Aldin

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It depends what you want to do. You can do Back-end with Javascript and mangodb.


Each language has its purpose. You've been working on html and css so by now you know that nothing is automatic. If you want to store and manipulate data, you'll need to learn a backend or cough up the dough to someone who does.


Usage statistics of server-side programming languages for websites show... PHP 79.0% ASP.Net 10% Ruby 3.7% Java 3.3% Scala 1.7% So if you want to learn something useful then go with PHP or ASP.Net. The simplest form of backend development is to use cgi (Common Gateway Interface) or fcgi (fast cgi). Though both of these are somewhat old technologies. CGI was commonly used with Perl scripts but can utilize any compiled or scripting language you want to use.


Thank you guys♥️♥️