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Link code within web code?

I would like to write a web page with explanations and links to my nature of code web codes. The result displays the SoloLearn frame and is not runnable. Can someone help me out? <body> <a href="">Fish at Night</a> <\body>

7/14/2020 6:18:21 PM


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Namit Jain it's an device problem so solearn can able to fix at as at iOS and iPad it's not working properly.


Are you looking for something similar to this?


bell Can you pls show your code!


yes but it is giving me the same error as mine: i cannot run the code referenced, it is framed with the pc interface of sololearn and it says syntax error


Namit Jain thank you, the code was what i posted, as i was trying to make the link work but i cannot see either yours or Preity‘s although they work for you.