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What is sorting technique for the following list?[Solved]

56, 12, 19, 10, 35, 21, 43, 8, 23,20

7/4/2020 4:47:35 PM

sadia aslamy

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You can use any type of sort you want for such a small list. Is there a specific one you have questions about?


Ace yes sir the above list


Alaska thank u. I am going to learn other types as well cause i just know about bubble. I meant is there any other ways to sort this now i got it.Thank you🙏


Alaska Thanks a lot🙏


sadia aslamy There are many type of sorting technique. You can use bubble sort or selection sort. You can sort with inbuilt function also. See this code. Here I have sort with inbuilt function. https://code.sololearn.com/c8qU4PI3OBN9/?ref=app




sadia aslamy you can use any sorting technique on this list if execution time and memory is not a question. The easiest sorting technique is selection sort and bubble sort. The fastest and efficient technique is quick sort. There are other techniques also which you may find easy or good like merge, cycle, radix, heap and many more.. some basics are given in the learning section.


sadia aslamy https://www.sololearn.com/learn/658/?ref=app This is for selection sort. You can find insertion, merge, bubble and quick in this post.


sadia aslamy he meant is there a specific sorting technique you are asking about. PS: be clear with your questions


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