Animation code using Vc++

You must create Two separate class-based composite objects that each consist of a parent with no geometry, that each have at least 8 attached child objects with geometry, and that each have at least two animation methods that animate some property of child objects, such as position, orientation, or scale.  The child objects may be directly attached to the parent, or they may be attached indirectly via other child objects.  Each class must override the hide & show methods so that hide and show calls sent to the composite object are passed to all child objects.  You may create additional objects to use as component parts of your composite objects.  Child objects must not be hidden inside an object such that they are not visible.  Your composite objects must be real, recognisable things (such as people, robots, cars, machines, buildings, etc.). They must not be arbitrary collections of shapes.  The two composite objects must look significantly different to each other and must be independent of each other.  Each composite object must have at least 2 independently animatable children.  The animation capability of the child components must be exposed through animation methods in each composite object. You must only animate the child parts by calling animation methods in the class, not by direct manipulation from animateScene(). Please help with an animation program that meets these requirements

4th Jul 2020, 7:29 AM
Primmy Maphoe
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