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According to Java Technology what is 3.5*4/2-2.5?

Multiplication Operator

5/20/2020 7:11:14 PM

Ikhuoria .E. Josephine

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in this order from highest to lowest in priority, also called BOMDAS: Braces (parentheses) Ordinal (exponential) Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction multiplication and division are at same priority level addition and subtraction are at same priority level modulo operation is actually a Division operation according to your problem, first you do multiplication and division from left to right, and then you do the subtraction


Sajid it's ok, i also post the answer after it was posted sometimes πŸ˜† πŠπ’π’π›π¨ π†π‘πšπ²πšπ₯ is only trying to help and that is what matters here πŸ‘ Ikhuoria Josephine this is the order in which your problem gets solved: 3.5 * 4 = 14.0 14.0 / 2 = 7.0 7.0 - 2.5 = 4.5


It is very easy buddy , firstly divide then multiply then add or subtract =3.5*4/2-2.5 =3.5*2-2.5 =7-2.5 =4.5


Sajid yup πŸ™‚


You can use this technique in any sum,


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Basic bodmas ans: 4.5


Answer will be 4.5 As * and/ have same priority so this will be solved by precedence rule as 3.5*4=14 14/2=7 7-2.5=4.5



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Sebastian Pacurar lol basic maths


Ikhuoria Josephine Use BODMAS Rule


Ikhuoria Josephine


Answer will be4.5


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BODMAS(Singapore): Brackets=King Of(Power of, square root of,etc.)= Queen Division=Advisors Multiplication=Governors Addition=Servants Subtraction=Street Beggars So: No Brackets, or Ofs, thus: Multiplication: 3.5*4=14 Division: 14/2=7 No addition, thus Subtraction: 7-2.5=4.5 So the answer is a 4.5! Errr I'm not sure...But I think it's a float.(According to my VERY EXTREMELY BASIC knowledge from books that I didn't really memorize...)


Thank you, Mr or Mrs or Miss or Master Ikhurioria.E.Josephine


((3.5*4) /2) -2. 5 =4.5 this will be correct answer according to priority of operator