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Popup box

How to create pop up box which should be constant one more pop up?

5/17/2020 7:31:10 PM

Himanshu Thakur

8 Answers

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Its quite easy haha


You can do it easily Alert("text") It work on both css and js


use javascript or also known as JS and use the function alert("text in here")


I'll do it, even If It hard for me, 😍 Happy coding :)


Then I need to learn JS first😂 lots of learning.


but you can go about with just pasting that


Happy coding (:


alert(“alert”) custom alert js libraries: http://alertifyjs.com/ http://t4t5.github.io/sweetalert/ http://github.hubspot.com/vex/docs/welcome/ http://izitoast.marcelodolce.com/ https://jaredreich.com/projects/notie.js/ http://willsteinmetz.net/demos/notific8 http://ersu.me/example/001-basic#example-frame http://codeseven.github.io/toastr/demo.html http://ned.im/noty/#/about http://bootboxjs.com/