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Labels on tkinter for Pydroid 3

I'm working on a program and am coding it in python and exporting the associated code to pydriod3 to run on a tablet. The majority of the code works but for whatever reason, none of the labels I have coded are showing up. Is this a common issue? Does anyone know of a work around to this issue? Here is an example of some code I'm having problems with: class StartPage(tk.Frame): def __init__(self, master): tk.Frame.__init__(self, master) Message = Label(text='Scheduler', font=12, fg='green'), y=1) #Monday Monday = Label(text='Monday', font=12, fg='blue'), y=50) The labels just aren't showing up and I've done extensive searching online and can't find a solution

5/2/2020 5:46:03 PM


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First of all Pydroid 3 is an Android app, so you won't get all the facilities you get on a big head computer. tkinter runs on Pydroid 3 but still it has some limitations. So keep your title in mind, and if you want I can send you the screenshot of the title of your code. And you may search for other apps that runs tkinter on Android. But I still recommend you to continue using Pydroid 3.