Hello, please I'm adding img to my HTML and and is not running as an outcome, please help me

4/1/2020 6:55:44 AM


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Amazingskills check your image link,it should be with proper file name extension and proper format.


What response are you getting? Are you getting any syntax error? It could be your image directory is not properly set or your tags are not correct. Use this; if the image is on your computer. <img src="theimage.jpg"> Or this if the image is on the internet <img src="http://theimage.com"> Where <img Is the image element tag. Where 'src' Is the attribute for the source of the image. Where 'theimage' Is your directory or link for the image. If you need more explanations you can DM me


<img src="myimage.jpg"> use the correct image extension after confirming it from the image properties. some image extensions incluse .jpg, .tif, .gif, .png the example above its image has a .jpg extension.


How did you write the code ?


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