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More than one event

I want to add more than one css background to js script (document.getElementById('back'). style.backgroundColor='black'") But now I want to change it back to white or none

3/28/2020 2:23:17 AM

Abhishek Singh

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You can use flag or classList API toggle method


I'm slightly unclear on exactly how you want this to perform. I'm answering under the following assumption: You've setup an event listener - the initial action when the event occurs is changing the background color to black - now you'd like the NEXT time the event occurs to change to white or none. The simplest way I could think of is to edit your event listener function with a simple boolean value that you change each time the function is called. Then place your code to change the background color inside an if/else statement to change depending on the value of that boolean variable. For example a variable called "isBlackBg" that is false to start. if(isBlackBg) { // change background color to white/other isBlackBg = false; } else { // change background color to black isBlackBg = true; } 1st Event) -- Change background color to black --set isBlackBg to true 2nd Event) -- Change background color to white(or other) -- set isBlackBg to false 3rd Event) -- Change background color to black --set isBlackBg to true As you can see it will continuously switch back and forth between false and true switching the color based on that value.