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Rules at sololearn

I read the discussion and the guideline but dont understand all rules: May people answer with correct code? May people ask for coding advice if they have not yet begun with that certain code? What are the reasons for strict rules on Q&A?

3/19/2020 4:40:41 PM


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1. People MAY answer with correct code - there's nothing stopping anyone from doing so - but doing that could well attract loads of people repeatedly asking us to do their homework for them. I don't think anyone here wants any more people doing that than already do. Generally I see someone ask once, find out that they won't get answers for nothing, and not bother asking again. 2. People MAY ask for advice and people may help as long as the question is more specific than just "how do I do it?" The more specific you can make the question, the more likely someone will answer. 3. Rules are there to keep Q&A as tidy as possible.


If we give out readymade code as answers, people make accounts just to get their homework done. 'Oh man, this programming homework looks annoying, I'd rather go on that party...' 'Hey, there's that app where you just ask and people do your homework for free!' We don't want to be that sort of place. Keeping that scene in mind will probably give you a good intuition of why things are as they are. 😉 Sometimes it's tricky. How are you supposed to ask? 'Write a code that...' is very obvious, right? However, 'How to write a code that...', although it looks like a question, is of the same nature, because it shows no attempt at all. We want to see that the asker is willing to do their work themselves and really only seek assistance, then we provide it. (Or so the idea.)