I'm trying to go into graphic design and website development. Any tips or tricks I can use?? | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


I'm trying to go into graphic design and website development. Any tips or tricks I can use??

3/6/2020 10:08:03 PM

Cathryn Ott

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Cathryn Ott That's great to hear. In that case I would suggest keep going down this web designing path. HTML : - what new HTML5 features are. - learn the tags and understand how it binds CSS and JS files to a web page. CSS: - Create custom page layouts that works on any screen size. This is called responsive designing. It's in great demand in the market. - master new CSS3 and CSS4 features. - animations - mastering CSS selectors is super handy in multiple job roles. - supporting different browsers JavaScript: - working with DOM and BOM - javascript was a big challenge for me but it paid off in the long run perfectly. SVG: - creating raw SVGs with code - using tools like inkskape or Illustrator. - Incorporating them in websites. - Animations You will be able to have a better assessment on picking the stream if starting with designing. People experienced in design are in great demand and are called UI/UX designers.


Cathryn Ott Before I answer this question I d like to know is it web development or designing you want to get into. Web Development: Web development usually means doing full stack development that includes writing code on managing - frontend ( HTML, CSS & JavaScript) - backend ( Database, Infrastructure, Server, Security) Web Designing: Web designing refers to only the front end aspect of web development. You deal with mostly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to decide how your website looks to the user. You also graphics like SVGs to incorporate cool graphics Into your web page. Now coming back to main question. If it's web development then you ll have to decide because learning backend concepts can be a daunting task. If it's web designing then your graphic design skills will complement superbly


Those two fields are getting more distance from each other, I would ask yourself which would you like to do more than the other and be laser focused on that. edit: who is the sad man that down votes on here?


I'm probably majoring mostly in the graphic design portion, but I am interested in both. I'm graduating highschool this year, so I don't really know which one I actually want to do. I just want to know people's insight on which is better. I'm currently working on using the HTML and JavaScript coding languages