How to create online tools, like this website i mentioned here

angrytools.com/css-generator/filter/ I want to create these kind of tools, is there any tutorial for learning how to build? I Know that it needs : 1.host 2.database 3.learning php and javascript (first)+(also)html and css but i don't know how to use them to build something like this: http://angrytools.com/css-generator/filter/ please guys, if you have any resources about building this(Youtube video,text,ect...) , i'll be thankful:) i want to build my own tools! It's really important for me.

2/26/2020 7:59:37 AM


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Hi, it is not that thing to generate code if You know syntax of CSS. So begin with a little code that writes a css for lets say a paragraph. You can do it in any language.. Just begin😉 ... try it here and if u struggle.. community will help you.


@thanks Oma Falk It was really helpful, I understood how to do it:)