Why has Microsoft NOT compile Typescript into webassembly by default?👹

Today we have an AssemblyScript. This tool allows us to write Typescript with some special types and compile it into wasm. So, in my opinion we have a lot of codebases that will benefit from some speedup from compiling at least some parts of it written in Typescript into wasm. I don't think that it's easy for Microsoft to implement that feature. What are your opinions? Why haven't they still done that? Share your thoughts!

2/14/2020 2:54:04 PM

Max Charlington

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Because Typescript was originally intended to transpile into JavaScript. Wasm is great but relatively new and some things don't work really intuitively by now. Maybe Microsoft will change that later but for now JavaScript still dominates the web. Also Typescript is probably not the best language to compile into wasm, languages like Rust are more suitable for that in my opinion.