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None type

Is none a string or is it a unique type? In the lesson it is given to be an empty string But when I tried to add it to another string it gave an error

2/1/2020 6:14:15 AM

Sanjai Prabakarraj

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perhaps this link could help you:


It's not a string or any other common data type. None (or NULL) is a special datatype referring to the fact that a variable is not set, or unset. Note that this is different from the number value 0 and also different from saving strings like "none" or "null", or even an empty string. it's also not the same as false, although comparing null/none to anything except null/none will always return false, so languages usually have other means of checking whether a value is set.


PerfectšŸ‘.... trying such things is what the lessons are for. Also use the comment part there for questions like this.