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Responsive Website

How to make my website responsive which method is the best? What is the width for phones tablets and laptops? I want to make my webpage respond perfectly as I resize the page gradually. Please Hellp me.😢

12/22/2019 6:33:23 PM

Roohollah Habibi

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Here, i provide 2 links that can teach you about responsive web design.


Use width attribute only with percentage (%age is standard). Your browser will automatically adjust the height of the image. Listen the width of 50% mean that the browser will show the image 50% of width of the web page as the size of web page is on any device. In this case you can show your images or other content responsively using width attribute in multiple elements of Html.


let me check that. thanks in advanced 🥰


You can also use a CMS like Joomla or WordPress (open source), which makes things easier (at least for me) even if you need knowledge about the CMS, templates, plugins and so on. I personally stopped building websites from scratch, because this is so much faster. Give it a try.


Hey! Bro For demo responsive website


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