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Emails and Notifications have stopped

When I first joined I was running under android and was getting notifications for each status change and reply to comments, and got emails when I completed courses. But recently I haven't got any notifications which makes joining in with any discussion difficult. And I've also completed 3 more courses without any emails either. I'm now running under Firefox on my PC, which doesn't seem to have any way to view notifications anyway, but I can't see these when I check under android either. Can anyone help with a way to fix this?

2/10/2017 5:12:29 PM

Tim Boyle

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go to settings, push notifications and configure it the way you prefer


On web site, there are many features unavailable than on the app'... It seems to not be an arbitrary, even less a technical limitation, but a deliberate choice of SoloLearn dev' to ostensibly privilegiate the app' use ^^


Thank you Zilvinas - all of those settings were already on, but I think someone has fixed it for me, as notifications have suddenly started working again for me - thank you I agree visph, which is a shame - having a keyboard and big screen is a nicer way to work for me which is why I'm using my PC. (and I can reply to comments on the PC but can't start new one as the entry box remains obscured behind any existing comments - maybe the browser version of sololearn is just lagging behind the tablet/phone apps)