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Where are all the JavaScript Code Coach challenges?

Why isn't JS an option⁉️ 🤔🤔🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

12/19/2019 6:09:16 PM

Brain Damage

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If you want tho, you can make your own "mini code coach" for JS only by using eval function write the required return statement and click Evaluate it's an over simplified example and all the expected output is exposed in the JS code but with a some work and perhaps a database (firebase can come in handy) you can actually make a small code coach app backed with data from a backend https://code.sololearn.com/Wn6zc0tcoAzs/?ref=app


Probably because the code is sent to SL servers, compiled and runs there. That's how it works in the code playground for all languages with the exception of web codes. Web codes runs on your own device, probably using a WebView, which is also why web codes runs instantly and are able to be much more interactive.


It looks like JavaScript, Kotlin, and PHP are coming as they are listed as languages for them. SoloLearn confirmed the Kotlin was coming, when I asked.


Sure thing :)


Thank you Burey!


Yes. If you press the all on the right side of the screen, it shows all possible languages.


That's awesome news! 🥳👍


Will they be the same challenges?


@Burey I and more frontend devs wouldnt like to use SoloLearn products and buy PRO versions because its really annoying for example for teaching nodejs to students We have to write nowhere I and more devs students reported sololearn for this but Its Kinda became SoloLearns community standart to ignore our messages


Burey we dont understand why they have code playground for php but nothing for Nodejs I and more devs would like to write Js syntax solution without including it in DOM


why php isnt included in web too? php should be in web and Js separate


Who said you can't do that? Just check out this code: https://code.sololearn.com/cgkoQrqndDkn/?ref=app


Zohrab Alexanian I agree with you. Gone are the days where you need whole web to code in javascript. Please provide node.js environment which you can use to test at your server same as any other server side programming languages.


you all mods instead should blame on SoloLearn to create Nodejs code playground for us this is not only my opinion there are lot of devs students who definately want javascript/typescript to be separate from Web context


Burey its Shame ... what ure offering why the js devs should write on evals