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Differentiate between SQL, MySQL & Oracle ?

Please describe it...

12/12/2019 8:20:41 AM

Farhan Ellahi

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The languages are similar and are called "structured query language" (SQL). The basic commands are similar in various versions of database management systems (SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite,...).


MySql belongs to RDBMS(Relation DataBase Management System) - Where each table will relate to each othet eg. Employee table will have a unique id from which we can get his personal details. Oracle is Also falls under RDBMS category. SQL- Structured Query Language -NoSQL(not only SQL) is the one which doesnt have tables instead it has collections(similar to JavaScript Objects).


Since you mentioned "language". You should have asked for difference between SQL (in general) T-SQL (Microsoft SQL) PL/SQL (Oracle SQL) I know little of the difference. Each DBMS vendor have added and developed features in their product, what is available in one DBMS may not be in another (or is available with different way/syntax). The basic commands are the same in most DBMS however.


Firstly, can you clarify whether you meant SQL or SQL Server, Oracle or Oracle database. I ask this because I had seen a lot of people mix the terms, while they mean different things. SQL is a language developed for data definition and manipulation. SQL Server is a DBMS product built, owned and mostly used on Microsoft products. MySQL is a DBMS product that was developed by MySQL. Oracle corporation now owns the brand and product through acquisition. Oracle is a software corporation. More about it, if it interests you, are available on the net, you can easily search for it. Oracle database is a DBMS product developed by Oracle, whose core functionality equals SQL Server and MySQL. These are database server softwares, with features each unique to their own.


Difference between SQL, mysql, Oracle languages


I am sorry but just started to get into SQL, and everything related is most commonly in english I dont know it well. So what you all mean with DBMS? And if you know of example tables easy to use, and practice to manage data, to download, please share it. Cheers


Sklau Here's an intro to DBMS https://beginnersbook.com/2015/04/dbms-introduction/ I don't understand what you mean in the second paragraph. But perhaps somebody can help on that parts.


I'll post a sql quries after a week if you wnat these quries you can follow me for notification...