Hello, I come from learning C (already at an advanced level) and I'd like to proceed to C++. Guidance needed. | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Hello, I come from learning C (already at an advanced level) and I'd like to proceed to C++. Guidance needed.

Like I said, I'm already at an advanced level in C (comfortable using dynamic structures and memory). However, I'd like to learn more, and I was thinking of following C++ but I wasn't really sure if it would be a good option, or if there are more useful languages I should learn instead (please together with the language suggestions tell me some of the applications). At the same, I'd like to know if someone could link me to a good C++ manual (preferably college textbook). Thank you all very much!! Extra: can someone also tell me where can I find more advance knowledge on C such as how to work with the visual packages?

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12/7/2019 9:03:42 AM

Diogo Matos

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C++ is definitely an interesting language to learn after C. You could also try Rust which is as fast as C or C++ but memory safe by default and has lots of other cool features. It's a relatively new language but already used by many companies instead of C/C++, Go or even Python where efficiency and reliability matters: https://rust-lang.org


Working with the visual package is not really an advanced skill, it is rather knowing how to use an IDE ! When you say advanced, what do you learnt ? There are lots of things that are good to learn : variadic macros, variadic parameters, manipulating files and strings, function pointers, advanced structures such as linked list, dequeues, maps If you are confident with all those, then you can still try to push the language even more by doing tricky things ! Is C++ a good choice after C ? I don't know if I am objective on this but I would say definitely yes ! As long as you keep in mind that they are two different languages Where to learn it ? Well ... I can't say as I learnt it here and there. Sololearn can be a good start but it doesn't teach the STL pretty much so you will definitely need to complement your learning elsewhere. For books, I have no idea, sorry.


I thought you were talking about visual c++ packages and not UI, sorry ! Depending if you want to use C or C++, there are some libraries to do that In C: SANDAL2 (ok, it is a little self add), SDL2, OpenGL In C++: those of C, Qt, SFML I think there is also one specific to windows but I do not know it. Doing things that are not supposed to be done with the language or creating complex tools for devs ! I can only speak of the ones I worked on but I am sure you will find other ideas too ! Implementing OOP, simplifying an existing UI library, creating a unitary test tools library which allow the user not to write a main function, generic containers with an iterator independent of the type of container Standard template library, all kinds of tools that can be used to help us develop in C++, you will see by yourself quickly ;)


Baptiste E. Prunier when I referred visual packages I meant ones that allow you to develop games like candy crush on C (one of my University's projects), can that be done just working with the IDE? Yeah, all those you referred are already topics I'm comfortable with, but what are those tricky things you are talking about? I'm interested! Ok, I will take that advice into consideration! Thank you very much!! Just one last question: what do you mean by STL?