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I'm no Python expert but is this question valid?

https://www.sololearn.com/post/187893/?ref=app What are all the 'b's here?

12/6/2019 12:05:48 PM


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Seems invalid. I will report it unless someone has a valid point that it is valid. Comes up with a syntax error for those who tried.


Rora that's what I thought. I just reported the question. Let's see if any action gets taken.


'Circular in-tray' HonFu ? Is that term used to refer to ineffective bureaucracies where no action gets taken but problems just get shifted around? I would have thought that Germany is not a country where I would hear that expression.


Jason Stone [14 yrs old] nice observation but that ain't Python.


Lol, that's a rather elaborate expression for a trashcan.


That problem (or a similar one, not sure) has been around for a long time. I have seen it a year ago. Was it never reported? Or is the report function equivalent to what's called a 'circular in-tray' in Germany?


It sounds less complicated in German. It's the typical sloppy, sleepy office humour that is repeated over and over until no one really remembers what it even means. 'Hey, that dude applied for a job here. Look at all these grammar mistakes. And is he wearing a paper hat on that foto?' 'Yeah, rounded folder I guess.'


Sonic I was thinking something more along the lines of a question formatting error.


It means: wastebin. Like: 'Ah, thank you, that's nice, let's put it into folder xy!' And then they do it into the rounded folder. In German it is 'runde Ablage', but I have no idea how to model the expression in English. 🤪


Looks like an HTML variant of the bold tag, with brackets instead of arrows. In HTML to make text bold you do the third <b>word</b> in this sentence is bold. Here it looks like brackets are being used instead so it looks like: [b]bold text is here[/b].


Tanks just realised theres night mode here atleast i learnt something


Y is an integer. You can’t index an integer. Also not sure what the slash is there for, and in general that line makes no sense.


Yea it is.