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manipulating star ratings for google play store games

let's say i've published a game for the google play store. is it legal if you give your users an in-game reward if they rate your game 5 stars. which basically means you're manipulating the users to give you good ratings on your app, or is there really a rule in the terms and conditions of play store that clearly state that you can't do that in play store.

11/21/2019 10:57:22 AM

lvl 1 crook

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lvl 1 crook, I have seen this in many games but they only give reward for giving rating and feedback. I have never seen a case where they tell us to specifically give 5 stars for reward


My intuition says this should lead to legal trouble. My inner cynic fears that everybody might be doing that or something equally fishy anyway.


Even if it is allowed, you will have problems giving out in-game reward. If that is not a problem already, your in-game reward value will be decreased or less appealing because most players will have it. Worse, if they hate your reward, their negativity towards your game multiplies and user can change their ratings.