Hi just started with Web development here on Solo learn. Should I do HTML then CSS or do both at the same time...?

I'm a beginner

11/18/2019 2:44:18 AM


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Start with HTML, learn basics, what are tags, attributes, how to create paragraphs, headers, how to create links, add images. Don't bother with details, then after you learn these basics, you can start CSS. Also, read comments in every lesson, they are really helpful. Have fun!


According to my opinion you should start first HTML and then CSS because HTML is basic of Web development.


Start with HTML because CSS is quite useless without HTML. I recommend you learning Javascript after CSS to make your website more interactive. After you have finished with Javascript then start with PHP or even better Python and focus on the Django framework once you are done with the Sololearn courses.


Hey mate...i think u should start HTML first then CSS ☺☺✌✌


The best choice is to start with HTML. Learn the fundamentals, try some practice then move to CSS. That should do it Also, make sure you've got a good grasp on one concept before moving to another.. If there's any tough nut to crack in the lessons, use the Q&A forum and the comment section too...... Good Luck


Start with html, make sure you master all the basic stuffs, then start with css right after.


Thank you all... As you all said, I will follow. HTML first then CSS.. Cheers.


I would finish Html then move on to Css. After that I would recommend learning Java Script. Once you have a basic understanding of Html, CSS, and Java Script I would recommend learning PHP and SQL.


you must start HTML after that complete CSS


You can do both but I would recommend doing HTML first then do css just as not to overwhelm you



first study the basics html and css and then go use both at the same time :-)


I think you can start with them together ( html and css ) , because they can't be separated from, and then go to learn Javascript . and php & sql .