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Why is SoloLearn showing inappropriate ads?

I often see some inappropriate ads on SoloLearn. I mean the ads shown in SoloLearn often contains adult content.

11/15/2019 3:44:26 PM

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Yes Sololearn Learn is Best Platform of Learning Programming. But, I cannot use Sololearn in front of my parents. we can't do anything,it depends on Sololearn.


I agree, Sololearn's ads have been 'extra' inappropriate. Once we were told that ads are shown based on browser history; which is totally pointless, as no other app digs for this type of so-called browser history. Sololearn should really fix this


bahha Other apps also show ads but ads on sololearn are just what ♐Iƒαянαn♐ {Less Active: exams} said 🙄 Other apps don't show such ads to me. SL seriously needs to do something. I have seen many people reporting this on play store but issue is not fixed yet :>


If personalization is the reason then going to google settings (app)-> ads and toggling the opt out of personalized app settings could help--not sure. Reporting the ad on its report feature and sending an email to sololearn when you encounter one should be considered.


Generally google and facebook advertise are comes up in the feed of users which may or may not depends on user browsing history but browsing history can effect the upcoming feed advertise somehow. For now just report that as mention in this feed post and remove those type of advertise in google setting and choosing which kind of advertise you want to see. For now I think you can press the "i" mark or advertise choice mark which is generally comes up with or present at the advertise and remove for that comes in the feed again https://www.sololearn.com/post/18040/?ref=app go in your google account and press control your advertise link from where you can control the advertise according to your needs there is an another option advertise blocker present there which will block those advertise to comes in feed again. so everytime you see such advertise by pressing i or advertise choice sign control the advertise


the ads you get are based on what Google has collected about you across its multiple products. and it depends on your area. you can block ads if you have a rooted Android phone :)


Sumit Sinha firstly the advertise is depends on different phenomenon from which browser history in google chrome is an way to generate advertise by google. Mobile apps too can have that kind of advertise if they are partnered with the same which use browsing history or google advertise or fb as an option In sololearn advertise are for making the content freely available to all users, in this way they are not not forcing to anyone to be in premium subscription. premium subscription is just an way from which you can get advertise free service and some benifitial features Many platform has too work this way one example is programming hub. You can mail sololearn again for describing your problem with the advertise type continuously showing after removal of inappropriate advertise from google advertise setting for now


it's not all based on browser history. if the ads are from Google ads. then for sure they are based on your Ad ID that Google tracks you with across its products, search engine, YouTube, Google play,... it doesn't have to be a browser. everything is linked. if SoloLearn is sponsored by another Ad company that's where the issue is, and they should reconsider their choices since their platform is for learning.


🇮🇳Omkar🕉 //Busy , Exams. it's just a guess, for me personally I block all ads.


This has been a huge issue for me as well. I've had to report one in particular several times because it was actively triggering my ptsd. It's actively interfered with my learning process. Blaming user history in this instance doesn't make sense either as my ad personalization has been off for years.


Yeah, SoloLearn has a terrible ad system. As I mentioned above the ads are often inappropriate, also every ad shown here is in Russian except those inappropriate ones. Seriously, the ad system is really bad. 😔 If SL tells that the ads are browser based then this app is insulting us.


I am Sorry, but Sololearn is forcing us to take Premium Subscription, that's why it's showing inappropriate ads, I have also this problem and sent an email also regarding this issue, but they told me, it happens because of your browser's history, which I think is totally pointless, because if that will be the issue then same ads should be seen in other mobile apps also where there is free subscription. They must take some strict action regarding these irrelevant ads issue.


Sololearn use Google adsense. that's why they collect your history and show ads according to your interest and it may vary on your location


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I cannot help but think some of these responses are skimming or simply aren't understanding the problem. The ads show up regardless of user browsing history or google ad settings, that's the problem. It's very, very frustrating and distracting. W3S, the most similar style of app I can bring to mind right now, has no such issues on its platform despite having vastly more ads. This is very much a SoloLearn problem.