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I want to create questions for the challenges. When I go to the quiz factory and select 'Submit a New Quiz' option, then I select for example 'Multiple choice' and then I need to choose language for the question and there I have only 2 options: C and Swift. Questions: 0. 'Submit a New Quiz' means submit a new question, right? 1. Is it possible to create questions for other languages besides C and Swift? If so, why I don't have an option to create questions in PHP or HTML? 2. Is it allowed to create questions about issues not covered (or partially covered) in the course materials? What's the purpose of the question - to validate knowledge of what's been taught in a sololearn course or to encourage further learning (or maybe both)?

11/11/2019 3:33:49 PM

Val Petruchek

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Val Petruchek For more information please contact at [email protected]


Val Petruchek because that is how you will get feedback. If you want to help, then you should reviewing the quizzes that have already been submitted. As soon as the pending quizzes reviewed, I hope they reopen the need for quizzes in all languages.


Val Petruchek Please, Before asking a question on the Q/A, try to 🔍SEARCH. . .  to avoid from posting duplicate threads! https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1797521/?ref=app https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1800590/?ref=app


Thank you, Kit. Basically, I've seen some really bad questions in PHP section (mostly like "what will this piece of code output" which is rather useless in general and not very easy when you have a time constraint in particular) and thought I could contribute (being a PHP developer with 18+ years of experience) to this case. However, it looks like they don't require contributions like mine.


Danijel Ivanović those questions are 6 months old. I didn't expect from sololearn not to address the issue (putting the note on quiz factory saying "we need submissions for 2 languages only" would suffice) in such a long time, that's why i asked. If I knew I would be met with any type of hostility I would never do that.


Danijel Ivanović what for? I no longer have a desire to contribute here, don't want to be screamed at via email, too. Moreover, my original question is not a simple duplicate, it has at least one important sub-question and another technical sub-question. I am very surprised.