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Comment section on Challenge-results ?

Could it be an idea to add comment sections to challenge-questions? I believe it would be an option to learn even more, as I really can't understand many of the questions even though I can study the result when the challenge is done. For instance, I cannot see, why the outcome of this one is 28 and I cannot find my way to studying for the answer as well - but maybe I am just missing a single thing that changes my view on it. And here a comment section on every result of the challenge-questions could be beneficial. Of course this would mean everyone would have easier in learning all the right answers, but that is the beauty and the goal with SL anyway as I see it :) _____ class Geom(object): def __init__(self, h=10, w=10): self.h, self.w = h, w def rectangle(self): rect = self.h*2+self.w*2 return rect a = Geom(4) print(a.rectangle()) _____ 28 _____

11/7/2019 10:49:40 AM

M F Sorensen

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M F Sorensen, typing "@" is the sure way to mention other users in the posts. It's very useful because users will get extra notification. The only way to get notified for those involved in way too many active discussions ☺. I share this tip quite often so I decided to make the second [useful tips] post: Good luck 😉!


Thank you very much ☺! Way to go M F Sorensen 👏👏👏👏👍!


It's a good idea, at least in theory. Everyone should revisit their errors and learn on their mistakes. And if you don't understand some output, you should use SL Playground to run the code. If that doesn't help, then search for a similar Q&A. There's a good chance some one has asked the same question. If not, ask it yourself. Another perk of comments on challenge results is reporting on quiz errors. However diligent SL users can post screenshots of wrong quizzes on their own pages and report [email protected] A clear disadvantage of any comment section is spam and spoilers. Some users are very "good" at producing that, as if they get paid for useless comments 😀. So our moderators would have more work to do.


Well that's totally true, but that's not what I wrote there ☺. I mentioned positive and negative aspects of this idea. And I honestly think it would be useful to have that feature. Sorry if that wasn't clear 😊. Let's put it this way: spoilers on their own are not an issue here. Reckless commenters can be a problem because they always feel the urge to post unnecessary content, wherever they can, just because they can. Alas we cannot do much about it. Anyways, Sololearn constantly improves and adds new features. Who knows, maybe that will be the next one 😏.


If this is implemented I would imagine that the community would link to relevent lesson modules or code this could be very useful. Second thing is that it can lead to discussions between quiz evaluators about which quizes should be accepted


Vitya 👍🏼 I too maybe wrote that a little odd. But I agree - spam will always be here - both the bad and the good 😌 And SpaceJam - indeed; I could very much have needed a link to some of the quizzes I cannot yet understand and thus still answer wrongly when they come again cause I cannot remember all questions. So I think the benefit would hopefully beat the bad spam 🙃


Vitya great tip 😊


i agree on the issue with spoilers - however you dont get to see the comments before the challenge is over - that is when you see the result anyway, so that issue is not that relevant imo