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colour adding using hexadecimal

how can we use the hex factors and mix Colors and how do we also use it to add to our website, i mean how does it link? i'm really confused with this, i need a better explaining

11/4/2019 8:03:13 PM

david chigozie uzoma

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It is wrriten as #RGB R-red G-green B-blue The values go from 0(darkes shade of your color) to f (lightest shade of your color) Possible values: 0123456789abcdef #f00-red #0f0-green #00f-blue #000-black #fff-white #888-a shade of grey It can also be wrriten as: #RRGGBB You can add them to your web code by using CSS. If you don't know about it, check the CSS lesson, you'll find about color and background-color in the first lessons. Good luck.


Thanks very much for the explanation