Hi guys, Is it possible to master all programming languages nicely? If not what is the maximum number one can master?

11/2/2019 6:31:40 AM

Saleh Amir

4 Answers

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Hello! Nice Question. Note that you should choose language for your future work. So you should learn language on the basis of your interested side. The languages with the topics are: Game Developing: C++, C# Desktop Application: C, C++ Android Application: Java, Python 3 Web Developing: JavaScript, HTML, CSS So just try your best for your goal. Thank you. If it helps you then give an upvote and Subscribe my youtube channel: CREATION TUBE.


Here more than 250+ programming languages so,it's not possible to get master on all of them. So It's depends on programmer that on how many languages he can Master.


Time doesn't matter. It depends on your dedication towards learning the language. https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/845532/?ref=app


And what is the average time it takes to learn one programming language?