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Do less upvotes indicate that the code is stupid

I am asking this question because I always get less upvotes to my codes and when i look other codes they get much upvotes even with easy codes

10/25/2019 8:17:10 PM


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Even so, let's try something new. ‎سامي‎ try posting your codes here.


Sololearn is based on popularity like Instagram. So the number of upvotes and the quality of your code have no direct relation.


If you have a very pretty female face as a profile image and you are famous like a cat with eight legs, you will get infinite upvotes on the dumbest codes.🤣


It's a matter of Time. You have 12 followers and 15 codes. HonFu has nearly 1k followers and more than 100 codes. Stay active and success will come!


It just means it is less noticed.


Here is a good example for a stupid code with a lot of upvotes:


HonFu that is what I am trying to tell


No of course not... it is not the defining factor. You yourself is the one who know about your codes not the other people.


‎سامي‎ you posted a question with more than 25 Answers 😉


HonFu that post was kind of like-bait for the purpose of getting a badge. Although at one point I ran out of skill and was literally begging people to like it.


Whoa, everyone's already expressed themselves, and in well composed words too 😂 What I say is, popularity and authenticity are two whee different things. Just because a person is of noble heart, he doesn't necessarily have to be popular. There are many factors controlling it, like his appearance, behavior, ability to go along with people etc (read: followers, dp, presentation etc). On the other hand, a comparatively less talented person might get renowned for all these external factors at work. It just doesn't express the perfection or brilliance (of neither a person nor a code). Perspective is also different for everyone... what we actually consider as "good" also varies, so that's in account as well. It's true that upvotes show the code is good or attractive somewhere, but upvotes only indicate a part of a code's quality, not all of it :)


Yeah, I saw some dumb codes getting most upvotes. Even some of them are just a simple calculator. You can check them on the Most Popular tab in the codes section.


On a related note, here is my stupid question that got a ton of up votes.


Check this code. Here top 6 link are for code advertisement.


Now you are famous 😀😀😀


(Popularity will influence the measure of success here as well though. 😏)


Also, you can checkout this code. It has over 1000 lines. And I think it is one of the best codes on SoloLearn. But it got only 124 upvotes. Lol.


If you post your code maybe the people notice on your code!😋😋


I also get less upvotes. But I don't care. I keep on improving myself... I don't post codes. I examine them myself. I use various devtools to check performance and security of page. And I analyse the UI and UX of page using google. I keep searching on how a page should be. for example, best navigation menu layout, headings etc


I don't think votes have anything to do with the intelligence of code, people or ideas. Just remember some election results in the past 5 years or so 😉