How I make a logic of any program? And how I increase my thinking ability?

I am interested to learn programming language like c++, Java or python but I can't make a logic of program

10/23/2019 3:55:57 AM

Moeen Ali

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Start with tutorial examples and expand them to make them your own.


by solving a problem, and carefully observe every step that you take. for example think of sorting a numbers 8 6 4 7 from low to high. oh i'll just move 4 to the first one. think why you pick 4 ? because its the smallest, how do you know its the smallest ? because you see the other number and 4 is the smallest by comparison. so if you retrace the step 1. compare every number until the smallest one found 2. pick that number 3. put it in the front see ? thats the algorithm. and guess what thore are part of algorithm called Selection Sort. just look closer on how you solve a problem with logic.