Is copy / pasting codes from Google, StackOverFlow illegal?

I have read lots of information in google which copying codes from StackOverFlow, Quora and even some open source projects could be illegal and may the of the developer of the code take action against you for breach and copyright infringement. to solve this issue should we implement every piece of the application by our own implementation? and can't I publish my app to play store if some of my functions be like or similar someone's else's functions or codes ? or I might copy some of functions and modified them. so all of these illegal? will google ban my app? then how the biggest software developers from big tech companies do copy sometimes some of their codes in their projects. Just experts reply me

10/16/2019 5:18:28 PM


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it may be different on different platform, and yes its normally protected work. i think stackoverflow user submitted content are under CC-BY-SA not sure about other platform.


well, i'm not a lawyer or well educated in legal stuff plus law from different country may or may not have an effect on those subjects. what usually did is check on their ToS and see if there's anything that could possibly trample me in the future. if i'm not sure on how the legal system work, i just not using it. btw if you're talking about opensource program they normally have a file named Lisence. there's a full information on what you can or cant do. on the service like stackoverflow, quora, etc check their ToS. big company usually sell their lisence for people to be use them commercially, oracle, microsoft do this things. one misstep you're out. all in all, you should ask a legal experts on this kind of things. as i said before you local law may have different way of legalize things.


Your answer is unclear and incomplete.