/* SOLVED */ What should i do in Java????

Hi all, I am gonna create an project myself. But I don’t know what I should do. I am want you to give me any idea.

10/15/2019 11:52:08 AM

Mehmet Yıldız

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Try create any interface for database administration....


A game is a good choice!


So much to do in java, just search the net, improve your understanding of java unless of course you think the course here is enough. Are you into programming by your own choice? Just asking, because if you are into programming by your choice, then why this question comes is beyond my understanding. You may say you are not getting project ideas, fair enough it happens with everyone, but till you don't find anything that interests you can simply improve your knowledge. Learn about various frameworks. How and where they are used etc.


1) First strengthen the basic. 2) Then study the made project (github). 3) You will surely enjoy a lot of fun. 4) Time will also be saved. 5) Finally you will be with a better project.


You can search the web for project ideas.


I'm agree with Sonic ...


Have you try Eclipse IDE program? if y just beginning coding some IDE interface is must install y computer :) btw. Eclipse make possible to work whit other user "public" projects. If i'm not right prepared my pinion


it is possible id001x but i generally create autonom ( using interface and databases) appliction on c#. perhaps, i am gonna create an simple game such as tetris snake...etc at the least for begining...


0ks4 yes i have in fact i use netbeans and eclipse together during workin’ with java


Also want to try to do something but I think I so new one and because don't have chance


thanks to everyone. I have decided what to create,, i am gonna create a chess game with ui.