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How to learn Data Structures??.

Friends could you suggest me how to learn data structures..and write code with help of data structures?? And in which language it is easy to learn..?.


10/12/2019 6:26:42 AM


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Best Language: C/C++ (Opinion) Learn here: Practice problems as you learn: In case of a doubt, post your questions here. Mention/ping me too, I would love to help, if I can! Happy coding!


Yes DS and algorithm lessons in sololearn is good for theoretical knowledge and understanding basics 😊☺️.. I. am facing difficulty in Coding using Data Structures... Infinity and Sonic gave perfect answers... tq guys .. I hope I can improve :)


Are u a God from heaven to judge me that "you cannot"??... 😂 Haan ?? @ Mehmet Yıldız and I hope u r new to SL 🤔😅 If u dare give the proper answer.. don't give inappropriate and funny answer This question is not for fun.. Use this Q/A discussion properly and try to learn something... Rather than judging others 👀👀👀👀 🤭😅.


Thanks zahraa 🇱🇧 ☺️☺️


Sure 😄 thank you ☺️☺️😊😊


There is also a lesson on Sololearn.


Find a book, e-book, internet source and read it. After understanding something the second step is to code it. So, in the second step you have to find an IDE (you can do it here in sololearn also) and choose a programming language to do it (C,C++,Java,Js are good options for this). Save your codes and use comments in your codes to remember what and how you have done. Repeat 1st and 2nd step until you finish all basic data structures (there are not many). In the end you will have a packet of your codes with all structures implemented and you can use it as a portfolio too.


As someone said to me once the only way to master data structures is to practice , practice and practice.


Use them in real-world cases for example using linked list in Virtual DOM (language: JavaScript)


this is a site for a doctor in lebanese universty, he will upload very important courses, exercises and labs in march all about data structures, they are really helpfull




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I was just kidding. definitely, you can but it is very difficult to learn because it is not about just programming also math and algorithm. You will be very confused when u study data structures. I know this as i did it before.😉😉


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