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How many days to learn programming


10/6/2019 11:07:01 AM

Winston Sajil

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if you become a programmer, you will learn all your life, this process will never stop


I started programming in the 1980s and I'm still learning.


Hi, learning programming and to code rapidly is not very recommended from my point of view, as the knowledge learnt takes some time to sink in, no matter if it's a programming language or anything else in life. So take your time, and after studying the theory from the courses, practice makes perfect. Don't be so impatient, and don't rush either. Learning depends on each person. Besides, you really never stop learning, because every day you discover/learn something new. Wishing all the best for you! ✨


It is hard to determine the point at which you will have learned programming. If you want to learn how to write little text-based programs that do useful stuff for you, you can get there in weeks. If you want to get a good job producing quality software that's supposed to be sold, we're probably talking about years. If you want to be a computer virtuoso, being able to do almost everything... it may well become something in the range from decades to never ever


endless amount of days


One day or less to write a Hello World application.


It never ended, it's depend on you, how much you are interested.


If you study hard, maybe between 1000 and 1500 to be proficient.


You will need about two years or one to learn .lang perfectly but I write my codes on PC with IntelliJ for java and yeah this process is like infinite loop,you wont stop learning,by now Im trying to learn Java and its very hard to understand a thing if youre not constantly exercising every day and and if you're distracted like me,take your time,make a routine that you're sure your not going to be disturbed and that's pretty much it-enjoy



It depends upon ur interest


It's endless. You learn everyday


For as long as you’re still using that particular language. You can never know 100%. The language will be modified at some point, which means there will always be something new to learn within that particular language.


I started programming a 4-5 years ago


Can't predict😅