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How to be improve code thinking skill?

Thinking skill

10/5/2019 9:58:41 AM

Theodore oo

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Solve many problems. Build your aptitude skills. Participate in coding challenges and competitions on platforms like HackerRank, CodeChef, HackerEarth and so on.


Theodore oo 1. Improve your understanding of datastructures and algorithms 2. Read other people code and try to figure out what they are doing. If possible try to read codes in different languages. 3. Know the features and facilities offered by the programming language of your choice 4. Learn to use debugger properly 5. Don't be afraid to experiment, try new features, most to most your program will crash it blow off your device. 6. Solve more and more problems for logic development and enhancing problem solving skills. 7. Progrsmming is not easy, it takes years of patience, practice and persistence to really know things, so just don't give up on first hurdle itself (unfortunately i find mostly these type of people here !) In a nutshell use your Brain !


Pseudo code. What do I mean? Don't think in code, think in your everyday speaking language and write it down. Example - pseudo code for checking users input on a webpage. What month where you born? If user says February then send them to page with valentine hearts else If user says October then send them to page with Halloween pumpkins else If user says December then send them to page with Falling snow The above, demonstrates thinking in your language (pseudo code) It helps you think clear when you embrace the programming language to create it.