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Network or Sololearn Eror

When am playing challenges after solving all questions to the last it delays a bit before concluding but of i mistakenly click the back arrow, ot returns back without prompting me , then if o return to the game its marks me wrong after passing the questions. This is why i mostly loose challenges i.e the last question

9/14/2019 5:15:15 PM


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Same to me bro. Try to avoid it because SL has no many servers like google and others...


Same here... dont know why. I hate it though


A lil bit of patient tho won't hurt. Happens to me couple of times and learnt the hard way


SL sever is really bad for now.😅


Hi. I think it can happen because server load. You could write to SoloLearn app developers.


Perhaps going from the first to the last question is quick because all the questions and answers have been downloaded into the App but at the end of the challenge, when the App needs to communicate with the server again to tally up your total xp etc. you experience connectivity issues due to SL server load.


I've had that problem. It is so unbearable.


I just wait for it. It usually just continues from where I stopped


But, sometimes it can work.( when you are losing)


Same for me. Sololearn is a bit slow and unresponsive. Like i'm middle and it gets stuck i keep clicking and gets answer wrong sometime the match finishes too fast due to that. server loads...