In india what languages i need to learn for getting jobs in most often in all companies?

9/8/2019 3:01:13 PM

Gayan $

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Firstly, Fluent English is a problem to most of us in India. The only thing you can do is "speak" whether right or wrong don't run for good vocabulary in your mind while speaking. It will take time but will help.. and in free time learn new words, and use it in friend circle, they would laugh surely, just ignore.. On the other hand it's so true that hardly people in companies interact each other in English.. it's just used at time of interview, presentation, or a meeting.. but there also if people don't feel comfortable they switch from English to Hindi.. Now Speaking about programming as a carrier, start with python and just python don't look around to grab every language unless your interest is hacking or cybersecurity Once you know the core very well look for a better field, good thing about python is it is into various fields, you can opt it for web development, data science machine learning, mathematical research, data analysis, IOT and so on... And much more...


Well IT sector is so diverse but the basic understanding of programming in c and java (usually core) would help you to clear Technical round of an interview.. but you should decide your field before you approach for jobs.. and then in that aspect choose the language.. But seeing your profile, it seems you are studying aeronautical engineering, so try to focus on what you are doing right now.. if that's not what you want to be, then decide soon your field of interest..


Sami Khan bro i completed my degree and now searching for job...i have major interest in programming...so it is my field of interest...but one problem i can write,read english very well but speaking is hurts me a lot bcz of fear! No words comes to mind in that times...any solution to speak fluently and for aeronauticals here there is lowest no of companies available which is actually a start-up companies...so I decided to learn programming...pls help...i am from chennai


Tq bro! God bless u


Maybe java and Python