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Why you love vim ?

Tell me about the features of vim


8/30/2019 12:42:34 AM

Kyrillos Akram

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IDEs like vim and Emacs are great because they eliminate the necessity to use the mouse, and to centralise all navigation and actions to the keyboard. this is particularly useful if you know how to touch type and can use keyboard shortcuts (a prerequisite to programming). I recently enabled it in sublime as the laptop I’m using doesnt have the home and end keys which slowed me down when navigating the document. with vim all you need is $ an 0 to goto the start and end of a line, and gg and G to goto the start/end of a document.


Use Emacs... It's Vim + more 😉 https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/9gucsu/why_you_should_buy_into_the_emacs_platform/


Sami Khan More than you think


Good tools (regardless of context) are elegant and efficient and allow you to get what is in your head, out onto a canvas like paper, wood, stone, or, in computer science, expressed as code. Good tools, however, require you to do things in a specific way and you have to choose to do things that way or not use the tool (sort of a my way or the highway approach). This is how I classify Vim in some aspects. However, great tools are not necessarily good choices for a specific task, but do allow you to create new tools that are perfectly adapted to the user as an extension of both mind and hand. Emacs is one of those tools. It is offers a different experience to everyone who uses it. What do I like about Emacs? Once you master the basics (granted, this may take years), everything else becomes trivial and you can customize it however you want (great tool property). I also love how I don't need to point and click to accomplish a trivial task; automated text interaction saves time in the long run.


Ace what is so special about Emacs


Good text editors


What else do expect on a terminal for an ide