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Is this right? Password validate

8/26/2019 9:38:08 AM

Wayne Pht

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1. You have not checked whether there are both capitalized and non-capitalized characters. 2. For improving efficiency, learn RegEx.


Thank you Gordon for the answer, for the 1. I made the code with the challenge in learncode where capitalize letters are not a condition =) Thanks for RegEx I will learn it!


Ur indentation is off. The code doesn't work.


The code I just add for password validate, it works on my laptop but I don't know if it's efficient


You are welcome, Wayne. I like to highlight some example codes in our Coding Challenge (a. k. a. Assignment) section. 1. Michal's - smart but not a good practice, in terms of team collaboration. 2. Anna's - succinct and well structured. 3. David Carroll's - Explaining RegEx in detail. - - - There is another series of RegEx tutorial curated by Danijel Ivanovic. It is demonstrated in Java / JavaScript, but the RegEx is the same.


Thanks thoq I fixed it


You are probably better learning regular expressions for a task like this. Im still a python novice but this is my example using some regex.