Can you turn off auto-completing closing tags? If so how?

Perhaps it’s ideal for writing fresh code. It’s pretty annoying when editing code though. How do I stop autocompleting closing tags in the SoloLearn IDE? Thanks for any && all help!

8/25/2019 8:54:06 PM

Geoffrey Westwood

2 Answers

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Well... yes and no. It really depends on the compiler you're using. Every single compiler is different, so each one has different settings. Don't worry though, auto closing tags don't affect run time, they're just an addition feature.


I think maybe Well it's not possible at mobile phone But maybe if you open on desktob chrome or any browser you use Go to code playground section and select any start new code Click ctrl + ; On your keyboard It will display a menu with setting for the playground I think you can find there what you want or more