Fields in which concept of data structures is needed

How many fields are there where the concept of data structures is needed and what are they?! Can anyone please tell me?!... Let me know...

8/25/2019 3:44:28 AM

Sandipan Das

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As long as a field which has to deal with storing any form of data, data structures will be involved. It would be more meaningful to ask which fields do not need the concept of data structures.


I'm guessing Computer Science, Software Engineering etc. which are applicable to thousands of other domains/fields from Agricultural software to Android games.


Sandipan Das Data structures and algorithms are similar to formuĺas in maths. Using the formulas you solve problems. Different problems need different formulas to get solutions. Like wise getting the machine to learn something by itself is a problem. In order to do that u need specific types of algorithms to solve those things. Hope I made it clear..


Another question I would like to ask that How concept of data structures involved in mechine learning?!...


Please i need a perfect answer😐


Nithin Krishna then you have to read some books.. or try it on Google😃