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Game Engine Development

Where can I learn to make a game engine, after learning the basics from sololearn?

8/24/2019 12:58:05 AM


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That would be a complex undertaking. Doing it on your own may take a long time. You probably need a team. Maybe check the internet for tips on getting started.


I'm impressed Manual !


Tristan I made a simple game engine by myself a few months ago. There are not many resources for making a game engine. The one I made was built on a C language media framework, and sqlite 3. It was a huge task. I spent time over 3 months bettween other projects. I worked on other projects while I hit obstacles making the engine. I learned a lot from making, but, I would not recommend it. There are great free game engines to use available.


Here are videos to help you.


About the question. No, you likely will not make an engine after completing the SL C++ tutorial. I believe it is possible as Sonic said, especialy with help. You really need to use memory management well. Which takes time to learn and use effectively.


Making games using framework and language is preety hard thing, thousands of programmers work on a project for months to create a game like gta vice city, dont you think after learning basics it is very hard to make game engine ??. I respect your spirit but you should first learn the basics of creating a simple 2d game and then go further.. good wishes for u


Its simple just search for benny box in youtube, that channel playlist have some of game engine content


I am also working on a game engine, with the help of benny box


Haha thank you @Sonic.


i think SL is not enough to create game engine u need to learn OpenGL or some 3D staff