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How to learn Node.js efficiently

I am learning Node.js now, but I found out my learning speed is slow. This is my first time to go into backend. My plan is below: Learn basics concept of Node.js Learn Express to build a RESTful api for a website for save some business data. I basically know the Non-block IO, Event loop, callback, router, middleware and basics of JS. But I am not used to developing web at all. How would you Guys give some advice for me to learn more efficiently ? Thanks!

8/15/2019 5:00:11 PM

Aaron Yang

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For me install node for your IDE I use VSCode In your terminal: node then tab twice to get all possible modules/functions/components/topics go through each one, one by one.


Goto register a free account, from there you can develop your express or node codes from backend to frontend. It also comes with sqlite installed for database crud operation ideally for rest api development. Code collaboration can be done too with your teammates, with tons of sample codes the community has developed. Install any npm packages as you wish by just searching the packages. Immediately run any github repos by just linking its git link. You even can create frontend app from Sololearn code playground with rest api from Glitch express apps.


Really apprecaite you guys! I am getting started! Sumit Programmer😎😎 Paolo De Nictolis SpaceJam♨