I want to start learning about website , which course should I start with ?


8/13/2019 9:52:30 PM


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For You Achraf: List Of Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2020 Java: Java is regarded as one of the famous programming languages meant for developing server-side applications to mobile apps and video games. ... Python: This is very much interesting for web apps and data analysis. ... C: It is often the first programming language learned in college. ... Ruby: ... JavaScript: ... C#: ... Objective-C: ... SQL:


U need to start with html and css courses ..


You should start with HTML and css. I will compile a list of leading edge languages that will place you above the pack. Give me 24 hrs.


Ermm HTML is the better way to start your web developer life. Then Learn CSS and JavaScript then Python,JQuery and Mysql.


You just want to start learning about to make website. Then how you can create this design. Please don't copy others code. https://code.sololearn.com/WVWyy1SfZhYD/?ref=app Original Code. https://code.sololearn.com/WZNXbP4tOsh2/?ref=app





HTML, CSS and Javascript


Thank u


HTML and CSS... Basically html5 ND css3


Hi Achraf ! Well the web development is divided into two main categories : front-end dev and back-end dev, I recommend you to start with the front-end development pathway, first learn some Html5 then CSS3, they are the basics of the subject, it makes you able to create a static web pages, then when you get comftoble with it, start learning some javascript, then if you like to go deeper in the field of front-end development you can get your self into studying some farmeworks of the javascript, learn about web design, UI(User Interface), UX(User Experience) ... Then when you get the idea of the front-end development, you can get started with the back-end dev, you should learn one the most popular programming languages such as, python, java, or php ... just a strong web programming language, and then start learning about the databases administartion and manipulation, you may also learn SQL or MYSQL ... and now by finishing and understanding all these you can go deeper in the field by gaining some new skills . Hope that I helped you understanding the web programming map !


U Will need html,Css,javascript and little of php.You can download the combination of html,html,Css,javascript at www.wrox.com It is the best.


Html5 or Css3


First start html and then moove on css after complete some css topics try to practice both.Then read css reponsiveness section. All information u can read on w3school is best for beginners. Then Make atleast two to three front end pages of websites and make responsive it through media queries. Then moove towards bootstrap make sure u practice the resposiveness through media queries .Now bootstrap will easy for u . Then u can can moove javascript and jquery and then its ur choice to begin ur career either front end or backend.


Hi, I have the same question. After reading all the answers, I would like to know if there is a particular order like HTML first, or CSS first? Thanks


Html first


HTML first CSS follow then JavaScript....


Html is like the skeleton, CSS like the body features and JavaScript like the nerves


HTML and CSS to begin...


Start with HTML5 and then learn CSS3 if it's static website is all That you want...